You're suddenly faced with exciting opportunities and major life decisions.

To top it off, you need to keep up with school work and deadlines, yearbook being one of them!

Complete CRR's Senior Client Questionnaire and let our Photo Team create a custom session plan to fit your needs and schedule.

Not big on pictures but still facing yearbook deadline? We can help!

Can't decide on an outfit, so you want to try them all? We've got you covered too!

- No Cookie Cutter Backdrops

- No Stiff Poses

- Custom Session Plans

- Animal and Automobile Friendly

This is more than another annual school portrait, this is THEE school portrait. Photos that will not only be used by Mom and Grandma to frame on the wall but a collection of photos for you to look back on as you grow older. It really is amazing the amount of memories one photo can hold. They bring you back not only to that particular day and time but fill your mind with memories from that entire chapter of your life. So this time around you aren't going to be asked to pick out some catalog background, be given 5 minutes and a plastic comb to get yourself looking your best. This time around, you're going to call the shots. Whether you have 30 minutes to spare between your part-time job and practice or you're looking for a day long adventure filled with all of your favorite things. Our Custom Session Plans are designed to fit your lifestyle. 

custom session plans for all senior clients

Copy of custom session plans for all senior clients

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When it came time for my senior photos (a few too many years ago), I was far from excited. Life was busy, I was juggling two jobs, college classes and of course my social life. Senior Portraits had what we'll call a Standard Operating Procedure back then. You find a local Photographer (normally from a watermark you'd seen),  and you schedule a session in their studio. When my day finally came, I had no clue where we would be going, what to expect or how I should dress. I didn't like my hair, I didn't like my clothes, I just wanted it to be over. So, I put on my Bob Marley t-shirt along with a pair of my favorite jeans and I grabbed my dog. My parents were less than pleased with my plus one, but knew there would be no compromise. 

I was never really known as the "plain jane" but you'd never guess it from looking at my senior pictures. If it weren't for that slobbery dog and my Bob Marley shirt, I'd swear it wasn't even me. I felt out of my element and it showed. 

Who was that girl? What did her senior year look like? What hobbies did she have and what was she passionate about? Other than my clothing and my furry BFF nothing about that session said "Stacy".    

I was an energetic music fanatic that spent her days at the river and her nights cruising around Wright County in a '97 Eagle Talon (it was super cool back then). I had multiple dogs. I had two part-time jobs, one at a dog boarding facility and the other as a bank teller. I was taking college courses and had a strong interest in graphic design with dreams of designing car decals and band posters.

That short paragraph about who I was during my senior year gives all of the information that is needed to create a custom session to highlight personality, passion and style. A picture says a thousand words, if you allow it to. 

Whether you're a fellow music junkie, a motorhead or an aspiring artist; my goal is to write your story from behind my camera lens. Please take some time to look around the website, get to know us and determine if we are a good fit for your Senior Portrait Session. 

Published Senior Portrait Photographer The Photograp.her Magazine March 2021 | Pages 36-37

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