Offering personalized editing services to Professional Photographers and Hobbyist.

No presets, no one size fits all actions. All images are hand edited to your Client's specific request. 

These services are offered at an affordable price with turn around times ranging from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on extent of the request and our Photography Schedule. 


Image Repair: Noise reduction, Image Sharpening, Image Enlargements 

Standard Editing: Straightening / Cropping, Color Correction, Lighting Adjustments, Minor Beauty Touch-Ups

Enhanced Editing: Includes Standard Editing Processes, Full Beauty Touch-Ups, Sky Replacements and Special Effects

Composite Creation - Includes Standard Editing Processes and Digital Composite Creations with Clients choice of background from CRR Catalog. 

Culling - Culling requests will be accepted. However, being a Photographer myself, I understand that we each have a particular style that represents our brand. For this reason, I prefer Clients to complete culling prior to submitting their editing requests. This ensures your favorite images from the gallery will be included in final delivery. 


Image Repair - Starting at $0.25 per image ($5 minimum) - Determined by extent of repair needed and number of processes required. 

Standard Editing - Starting at $0.50 per image ($25 minimum) 

Enhanced Editing - Starting at $5.00 per image ($25 minimum) 

Composite Creation - Starting at $10.00 per image 

Culling - $25 per gallery (sessions, weddings and events)


Turnaround times November - May are 3 days or less for galleries of up to 50 images

Turnaround times June - October are 7 days or less for galleries of up to 50 images 

Turnaround times for Wedding and Event Galleries will depend on request - Average 2 weeks


Editing Requests can be emailed to Please include gallery description, specific editing requests and any important information such as approaching deadlines or Client requests. 

Along with your request, please include one of your favorite images from this gallery. This will be used to create 3 style options for you to choose from. Your selected style will be used for the entire gallery. 

You will then receive an email with your edit samples, current lead time, price quote for current request and any questions I may have. This email will also include links for image delivery. Please see requirements below. 

Once full gallery is received for edit it will be reviewed for any unexpected processes such as image repair or extensive lighting corrections. If additional charges are required an updated quote will be sent and must be approved before processing begins. 

Once final edits are complete, you will receive a link to review the images to ensure they are up to your standard. Once you have reviewed and approved all images, you will submit payment using our secured online invoice link which will be included in your review email. 

After payment is submitted online it will be processed in our system. Once payment processing is complete, you will receive a link to download your completed edits. 


Editing Requests will only be accepted from Copyright Holder

All files submitted must be hi-resolution raw or jpeg files without previous alterations 


Photographers whom will be using CRR Editing Services on a regular basis will receive top priority in our editing queue. This will help to reduce our Clients lead times and allow us to build lasting professional relationships with our Clients. 

If you have a quickly approaching deadline that requires rush processing, please let me know at the time of your request. Rush Processing may be offered when scheduling allows. Rush Processing will be charged at $1 per image. 


Images are processed using one or all of the following programs: 

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Topaz Labs Denoise-AI

Topaz Labs Sharpen-AI

Topaz Labs Gigapixel-AI

Luminar AI

I provide your Clients with the same customized services that I offer to my own. Because each individual has a unique style and personality, no presets or repetitive actions will be applied to any images. This creates a completely customized one of a kind look for each gallery.

If you have created a preset that you would like used for your image galleries, please submit a sample of this preset or an anchor image. This will be used when creating your style options. You will then be able to select the hand edit that you feel is the closest match to your brands existing presets. 



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