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Wednesday April 7th, 2021 10:45PM

Our online booking system has now been open for one week. I am thrilled by the response I've seen to the Class of 2022 Senior Sessions. Though bittersweet, most of the sessions booked are for ladies and gents I already know. It makes me feel incredibly old to be discussing Senior Wardrobe with people I used to watch pick their nose and waddle around in diapers, but.... I am beyond excited to be with them during this milestone in life. 

If you're familiar with me and my work you're well aware, Senior Sessions are my absolutely favorite! These young men and women allow me the opportunity to step outside the box, to create such unique and creative session plans, that I get excited about things I never knew I could. It doesn't matter if I'm met with a rodeo queen, a top tier tennis player or an edgy musician. I will hop on that horse with my tennis racket in hand, while singing along to damn near any song (do not challenge me at name that tune, you'll never win). I cherish the time I spend with each and every one of my Clients and am honored to be trusted with capturing each and every one of your memories. But, Seniors hold a special place in my heart. They take me back to a time and a place that now seems so long ago. They've experienced the ups, the downs, the accomplishments and the decisions most everyone faces throughout your high school years. They've formed beliefs and opinions on real world issues and subjects that truly matter to them. They've put their pieces together just the way they want them and now they're presenting themselves to the world and all of the opportunities that await them. Too often we're told how to be and who to be and nothing bothers me more. These fresh faces and optimistic minds deserve to be celebrated for exactly who they are and how they want the world to see them. I truly believe this point in their lives is so damn important even the ones who "aren't into it" need the opportunity to shine. 

Now I'm sure there's a few parents reading this thinking "Sh*t, what am I going to hang on my wall or send to Grandma?" Rest easy and trust that even though I am strongly encouraging your child to be 100% themselves quirks and all, I am also very confident that during our session I will capture images that will not only appeal to your child's taste but something you can proudly display in your home and share with your family and friends. 

To say that I'm excited for these upcoming Senior Sessions would be an understatement. Because of my passion for these sessions I have dedicated a complete section on our website for Senior Clients. I will regularly be adding content to these pages to assist with session planning, styling tips and to announce new product and service offerings.

Check out our Senior Page Here: CRR SENIOR EXPERIENCE

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