Locke Lake - Silver Creek, Minnesota

Thursday April 1st, 2021 8:17AM

Spring has sprung here in Minnesota, the mud is fresh, the pollen is filling the air and Crow River Reflections 5th season officially kicks off today!

With the recent changes to Facebook and Instagram "algorithms" I am needing to find other ways to interact with my Clients. This will include posts for upcoming events, contests / gifts and sharing of new content. Though I will continue to post this content our reach and your visibility to our posts may drastically decrease as we move into 2021. In order to meet the criteria which is said to keep us visible, I will start adding videos with updates and behind the scenes footage to the social media accounts. That's right you'll get to listen to me ramble, see my graceful maneuvers from our behind the scenes footage and get a glimpse of some road trippin' adventures. (If you are a small business owner and want links to information on these new changes, let me know I'll share what I know and what I've seen happening on my end). I will also be looking further into the capabilities of our website and the tools available, leading us here to our first blog post. 

I typically save my rambling for our VIP Members who kindly put up with me, but turns out this blogging stuff is a thing now and some of you might actually give a sh*t about what's going on in my head. I won't promise to keep these short, I won't promise that you'll agree with everything I have to say. But, I can promise you that I will be 100% me. So if we haven't met, my name is Stacy. I hope to cross paths with you soon. 

So here we go, Blog post #1: 

2020 brought unexpected hurdles, cancellations and rescheduled services. I appreciate the support you showed to not only my small business but all of the other small businesses in our community. 

I watched couples with dream wedding plans, throw it all aside in order to celebrate and proclaim their love for one another at private vow ceremonies. I saw the hope and determination shine bright in the eyes of 2021 graduates. I saw families in fields of yellow flowers, with smiles so contagious it spread throughout the state. I also watched while musicians put together new ways to interact with their fans, using social media to perform live shows. I watched community members blow up phone lines and online ordering systems of local restaurants while the establishment owners did their best to adapt to these changes. This pandemic presented hurdles but it didn't stop any of us. We were still here, we were still living and we still came together when it mattered most. 

As of today, Minnesota is now under a new loosened set of restrictions for services and events. This is very welcomed news for CRR's Photo Team, Clients and Event Organizers. With this new set of guidelines all of CRR's advertised services are now offered at full capacity. I am however, required to work under any venue and event restrictions when contracted for services, but I do not foresee any issues with the new capacity limits for our the events on our calendar.

I am very excited to get back to our annual sessions and introduce a few new ones over the next few months.                     

As always my number one goal is to provide a unique, personalized experience for each and every client we meet. In order to provide the absolute best service and to ensure our end product perfectly fits with our Clients vision, we will allow open booking for Standard Sessions but will primarily be focused on our specialty services. CRR Specialty Services include Custom Senior Portrait Sessions, Live Music and Motorsports Coverage and select Wedding Day Services. What does this mean for family sessions and children's sessions? Booking for these services will remain open year round however, you may notice limited time slots available for your requested service.

I pride myself in creating a completely custom experience for Graduating Seniors and am determined to put their ideas to life. My Brides and Grooms know me, my style and my personality and come to me knowing in advance that I am the perfect fit. I will be with that couple from Engagement to Honeymoon send off and am then honored to watch their families grow.

I'm not into temporary people, in my personal life or my business interactions. I want to know you, what makes you tick, what makes your eyes smile and above all else where you thrive. So yes, expect me to get all up in your business, expect me to want all the details, we're not here for a polaroid and a quick buck. I'm here to build relationships and offer experiences that allow you to shine exactly as you are, while documenting it with authentic true to you photos. 

Again, if we haven't met... My name is Stacy, I am a life long resident of Wright County, Minnesota with a love for live music, dogs and the open road. My experience lies in graphic design but my love for self expression (of all kinds) and edgy styles lead me to a camera where I was able to push my creative limits. It's been an interesting, at times challenging but always rewarding ride and I have no intention of slowing down.

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