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River-Rat Customs MN offers edgy alterations, customized furniture and home decor in the Wright County area. 

RRC-MN began with the creation of hand painted and customized Independence Day shirts in July of 2011.

CCR/RRC owner Stacy Bunting; being a lifelong resident of Rockford, MN quickly expanded these designs to start showing love for her hometown. Green shirts were soon selling out of area stores and reappearing as painted and distressed designs.

The second line of designs was released August of 2012 - Rockford Riverdays. 

For the next two years Stacy worked on improving her sewing skills and garment construction knowledge while compiling fashion design ideas. During this time she began experimenting on band shirts that she had collected over the years. From this came handbags, skirts, dresses, wall hangings and much more.

Seeing the endless possibilities with reused garments RRC-MN tried a new approach; rather than purchasing new clothing to be customized we began offering alterations to customers current wardrobe to help them create a new look.  

While our customized shirts are still our top seller we have since expanded our designs to include customized and/or re-purposed furniture and home decor. From coffee tables to bed frames we will work with our customers to create the perfect piece for their space.

River-Rat Customs - MN would like to thank the following businesses / organizations for their support and encouragement over the years. No matter how crazy the design idea these people are the first to jump in and help Stacy find the supplies she need to make her designs come to life.:

RiverWorks Thrift Store - Rockford, MN  

Too Good 2B Threw - Rockford, MN

All Vendors At The Wright County Swappers - South Haven, MN

Please if you are ever in our area stop in and enjoy the unique finds our friends have to offer. 

To the people of Rockford, Minnesota: Thank you for your continued support!

Whether it be alerting me of a unique find, passing on awesome band shirts, or simply giving a wave of encouragement at community events.

I appreciate each and every one of you and am beyond proud to call you my home-team (FAMILY)! 

- Stacy Bunting

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